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We are truly addicted to printing. Especially to silk screen printing, but not only. We are fascinated by the possibilities that stand behind the process and we love to share our passion.

We believe that creativity is not something you are born with, you can develop it. You just need to try and practise.

The main force behind the hand screen printing workshops is Justyna Medon, professional surface pattern designer, known for her vivid hand-drawn patterns designed and printed on wallpapers, textiles and any other suitable surfaces.

With years of experience and passion for experimenting, Justyna is broadening her knowledge and exploring the world of printing. In 2010 decided to share her vast knowledge of and passion for printing with other people. Since then, she’s been running many one day workshops for amateurs, 6-week sessions for beginners in Bristol Folk House and professional Textile courses in Spike Print Studio, she gives lecturs and workshops at Colleges or Universities.

Well known for her patience, openness and positive attitude she infects others with her love of printing.
After her workshops, you won’t look at plain shirt or cushion in the same way…
She has got an incredible ability to unleash a potential in everyone. Her explorative nature in printing is reflected in her work with students. She pays attention to every person who attends her workshops and knows the way to help them find magical spark within design and printmaking process.

Workshops are open to everyone 18 year old and more. We run workshops in small (3-6 attendees) and large groups (8-16 attendees). Justyna runs the workshop on her own or with the help of one more tutor depending on the skillset and number of people attending.

Check Workshops listings to see upcoming events or contact us to book a private or 1-to-1 session.

How to sign up for a workshop?

If you are interested in exploring creative processes go to our workshop page and choose workshop you are interested in.
After you read the description and information about the venue you will have to click a button which will take you directly to Eventbrite page where you can buy your ticket.

If you have any questions about the workshop feel free to write us.

How to book a workshop?

If you want to organize a workshop for your friends birthday or for your colleagues as a team building event, just write to us and we will send you our offer.
Just let us know

  • how many people you want to organise an event for
  • do you have a place where we can run it or you want us to present our venues
  • what kind of workshops you’re interested in

Depending on your requirments we will write you workshop scenarios which will depend on technique, theme and duratio time of the workshop.

1 to 1 session

If you are interested in individual sessions, contact us.

We run sessions for

  • students to work on their portfolio or develop printing skills
  • individuals who want to try something new and want full attention and 1 to 1 feedback
  • people who want to surprise close ones with amazing presents but missed our themed workshops
  • people who want to improve their skills and try advanced techniques
  • anyone who needs a 1 to 1 approach


If you want to sign up for 1 to 1 session let us know:

  • what you want to work on
  • when you want to arrange the session
  • how many sessions you’d like to have


Printing Jam

If you are familiar with hand screen printing but don’t have access to facilities where you can expose the screen and print. You’re in the right place.

We offer 4-hour printing jam sessions during which you can print as much as you want on every type of garment or paper you have.

The week before the jam session you will have to send 4 designs so we will have time to expose a screen which you will use during the session.

If you wish to have more than one screen you can book an extra one (additional cost depending on the size of the screen).


Christmas special

We know that Christmas time is coming soon and many people would like to go the extra mile and instead of buying a present, want to give something special and customised.

We will run themed workshops where during 2, 4 or 6-hour sessions you will be able to print on ready-made garments like a scarf, cushion, t-shirt or just a piece of textile you want to change into something special.

We will show you techniques which you can later use at home (stencil, lino), or ones which may need more advanced equipment (screen printing). During a workshop you will be able to print at least one big item or or few smaller ones, depending on the theme.

The type of printing technique, patterns (if supplied) and garment will be described in the workshop listing.

We will also have printing jam sessions when you can bring your own garments and print as much as you can during a 4-hour session (only for people with basic screen printing knowledge).